Waimanalo, Hawaii
"Potable Water"

Waimanalo, Hawaii is located in the City and County of Honolulu, District of Ko'olaupoko near the eastern end of the island of Oahu. Waimanalo, potable water in Hawaiian, was so named because of the brackish ponds used for irrigation in the area. Waimanalo is close to but separate from Waimanalo Beach. There is a small commercial center along Kalaniana'ole Highway and is separated from the shoreline and Waimanalo Beach by Bellows Air Force Station. There are numerous plant nurseries here, but no hotels. As of the 2000 census, Come and see the beauty that makes up Waimanalo real estate.there were 3664 people living in Wamanalo.

Originally known as the Waimanalo Military Reservation, Bellows Air Force Station operated on leased land from Waimanalo Sugar Plantation in 1917. The only clearings in the area were for the men to train and sleep. In 1933, the land became known as Bellows Field in honor of a WWI hero, Lt. Franklin B. Bellows. On July 22, 1941, Bellows Field was permanently made a military facility under jurisdiction of the Commanding General, Hawaiian Department. However, in the years after the war, the fields became overgrown and were no longer used by the military. Today, Bellows AFS offers a resort-quality Hawaiian setting. You can rent cabins or campsites, learn how to make leis, go body boarding, kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, golfing, play paintball, go hiking, take a history tour or simply enjoy the beach at your own leisurely pace.