O'ahu - "The Gathering Place"
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The island of Oahu is breathtaking. She has so much to offer her visitors, from her friendly people to her wondrous natural beauty and her unique Hawaiian culture. Whether you want to experience Oahu's fantastic Polynesian culture, take in the surf, partake in the local cuisine or just lounge in the sun, Oahu real estate is the place to be.

Oahu History
The island of Oahu is the third largest and most populated of all of the Hawaiian islands. Through its early history, ownership of the land was fought for and handed down through Hawaiian royalty, from the first king (Mailikukahi) to King Kahahana (1773), King Kahekili II (1783) to Kamehameha (1795). By the mid-1800s, King Kamehameha III moved his royal residency as well as the capital of the Hawaiian kingdom from Maui to Oahu.

The first Europeans to set eyes on Oahu were explorer Captain James Cook in 1778. Oahu real estate was also home to the catalyst that threw the United States into the middle of World War II in 1941, when the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor.

Nowadays, tourism dominates the Oahu scene as a travel destination of choice for millions of people every year.

Oahu Schools
The Hawaii Department of Education oversees all public education of students living in Oahu real estate. There are 17 elementary, five middle and 13 high schools in Oahu's public school system. Additionally, there are 17 elementary, 17 middle and 17 high schools in the private school system on the island.

Things to See & Do in Oahu
Oahu real estate offers its residents and visitors so much to see and do. View the breathtaking beauty of Oahu up close by choosing any of the dozens of trails offered up via Backyard Oahu. Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park is a fun waterpark and an interesting, fun alternative to Oahu's gorgeous beaches. View Oahu's history by visiting the Kualoa Ranch, former royal land that was bought up in the mid-1850s so that it would not be developed. Fun activities enjoyed at the ranch include kayak rides, bus tours, horseback rides, a gun range, ranch tours and even ATV rides. The Polynesian Cultural Center is a must-visit for anyone looking to get a glimpse of local island life.

From the moment you step onto Oahu real estate, you will be able to feel why it has been named "The Gathering Place". Its rich heritage and warm, friendly people invite you to spend time here. For help with your Oahu home purchase or sale, your Oahu real estate professional is happy to help!

Southeast Oahu real estate is absolutely gorgeous.

Oahu Demographics
Population as of 2020: 1,016,508
Median Home Value as
of August 2021: $1,000,000

Pearl Harbor is a significant piece of Oahu's history.

Waimanalo is only one of the gorgeous beaches occupying Oahu real estate.

Relaxation is a favorite pasttime in Oahu real estate.

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